Do as the Celebrities Do.

There are few people on earth who spend as much time perfecting their appearance as celebrities do. Mainly, it’s because the masses are not constantly in the public’s eye, nor are they criticized for wearing a less than flattering dress, shirt, or skirt. Celebrities have access to the top hair stylists, personal trainers, makeup artists, and stylists who help them develop their own personal style or “brand.” It’s incredibly important for celebrities to always look their best – and this means big business.

Luckily for us, we can benefit from the effort put forth by starlets to minimize our fashion conundrums and enhance our appearance at home. Have you ever looked in your closet and asked “does this skirt really go with this blouse,” or “is the belt too much with my other accessories?” Well readers, I propose you look at your celebrity look-a-like who will provide a cheat sheet on how to dress for your body type.

Body Types

Short/Slim: Possible celebrity look-alikes here include Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Bilson, and Nicole Richie. These women are all under 5′ 3″, making them just slightly shorter than the average height of a Canadian woman (5′ 3.4″). If this is you, trends to try include mini dresses worn with heels or flats (although most of these girls prefer a little height), wide-leg trousers or jeans that are hemmed correctly to really elongate the leg, wedges to give off the impression of a major growth spurt, and skinny belts – less than 2″.

Tall/Slim: Leading ladies with this body type include Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, and Katie Holmes. Their heights hover around 5’9″. The best styles to try here include skinny jeans or cigarette pants (your legs were truly made for this style! Wear them with heels or flats, both work), trench coats, horizontal stripe tops (you can afford to shorten your torso a bit!), and bias-cut gowns – basically any solid or patterned dress that clings to the hips and midriff before falling beautifully to the ground will really accentuate this figure.

Short/Curvy: When I think this body type I always think Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, and Kelly Osbourne. These powerhouses really know how to accentuate their curves, and rock a red carpet event. Key trends to try include corset or statement belts (use belts to really pull in your waist and show off your shape), high-waisted skirts in solid colours, super pumps – anything over 3″ to add a wiggle to your step, and tucked-in tops.

Tall/Curvy: Beauties with this body type include Mandy Moore, Kate Winslet, and Liv Tyler. If this is you, the best looks to incorporate into your wardrobe are blazers (fitted, tailored, and single-breasted), wrap dresses in solid colours for a classy and polished appearance, v neck sweaters and tops, and pencil skirts – rather high-waisted or standard rise with a tucked-in top for the epitome of a feminine and modern look.

Pear Shaped: This body type simply has a bit more “downstairs” and includes such babes as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Mischa Barton. Styles to try include shirt dresses with pockets, or embellishments to put you in proportion and draw attention to your upper half, straight-leg jeans with pointy-toed shoes, a-line skirts or dresses which slims the hips but hints at curves, and mens-wear inspired vests  over tight shirts to highlight teeny-tiny waists.

Large Bust: Opposite to the pear-shape, this body type has more “upstairs.” Womanly women here include Christina Hendricks, Jessica Simpson, and Demi Moore. The best clothes on this body are belted dresses and outerwear to create a more hourglass figure, scoop neck tops that fall below the neckline but above the bust, mid- low-rise jeans to elongate the torso, and long, wrap cardigans – perfect for breaking up the upper body.

Athletic: These lovelies are toned in places where most women are slightly more flabby (cough: back, shoulders, underarms, ring any bells?). When I think athletic, I think Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Bosworth. To feminize and flatter this body, try racerback tops and dresses, cropped jackets (especially double-breasted ones) to create shape and show off a sleek torso, body-conscious dresses, and wide-leg trousers or jeans to flaunt toned legs while minimizing their potential bulk.

For me, I fall closest to the short/slim body type. While in appearance I may not look exactly like any of the leading ladies mentioned above (I get Kirsten Dunst occasionally), their styles do tend to help flaunt my small frame. Celebrity inspiration is just another tool in your kit to use when developing your own personal style.

My recommendation? Take your tips from the experts and find someone who has the same shape, fashion sense, and colouring as you to use as a doppelganger. Print off outfits you like and when shopping, bring them along to refer to.  Personal style is just that – personal – but when I’m faced with an entire wall of jeans to go through, it would be nice to know what styles to start with courtesy of my celebrity look-a-like. All the best. 🙂

Images courtesy of – star finder tool.


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