Get Classy and Carry On This Fall

With the shortage of hot weather this summer (at least for the moment!), some of you may be thinking fall a little earlier than normal. That’s ok! As per the fashion cycle, there is already a plethora of fall fashion hitting the shelves as we speak. You’re in good company.

As September approaches, ideas begin to formulate such as back to school beauty, adding lowlights, and finally starting those things you’ve put off all summer long (jogging anyone?!). On a slightly less exciting note, for me, this also means getting fiscally responsible – aka setting a budget for my fall shopping.  Very few of us have the shopping budgets of starlets, thus some planning is in order to pave our path to chicness.

Hot items to incorporate into your wardrobe this fall include:

  • The Ankle Boot
  • A Cuddly Oversize Clutch
  • The Tulip Skirt
  • Small Structured Handheld Bags (goodbye shoulder straps)
  • The Over-the-Knee Boot
  • A White or Camel Coat
  • The Turtleneck
  • White Cigarette Pants
  • A Motorcycle Jacket
  • The Chelsea Boot

Many of these items are the same fall must-haves mentioned last year, with slightly updated shapes. That means, pick and choose your favourites, but don’t be concerned if you can’t afford them. They will be back again, so buy what you love, leave what you don’t. Lucky for us budget-babes, the secret to looking fabulous all year long is to dress classy. Opt for lady-like looks and you will build a wardrobe that flatters, is timeless and won’t break the bank each season. You can wear the same items again and still look current! Pretty great right?

Here  are my sophisticated staples for this fall:

  1. A Classic Trenchcoat: This iconic staple has graced glamazons from Brigitte Bardot to Gwyneth Paltrow. Skip the trendy pinks and flashy fabrics and opt for a traditional tan cotton style that hits just below the knee. You can wear this over anything from dresses to jeans.
  2. Black Sling-Backs: These shoes ooze sexiness and can instantly take a seemingly blasé outfit to the next level. As long as the shoe has a pointed toe, skinny heel, and clean lines, you will always look polished.
  3. Faux Diamond Studs: They shimmer, glimmer, glamour, and go with absolutely everything. Diamonds truly are a glam girl’s best friend…even better when you can fool everyone into thinking you’ve spent a fortune on them. The trick is to not buy too big, when choosing your studs don’t go larger than two carats. Anything bigger will be a dead giveaway that your bling-bling is bogus.
  4. Stylish Daytime Bag: A great tote is the best accessory to to pull an entire outfit together. The perfect bag will be roomy enough to fit your life, structured so you don’t look slumpy, and neutral in colour like a camel, brown, or black. It’s fun and necessary to have bags in bright colours, to add the oomph to an outfit, but be sure to have your basics first.
  5. A Chic Clutch: Whether it be sequined, satin, beaded, or braided, a tiny handbag is a going out essential. Black is a great investment because it will almost always match your shoes and other accessories. It is also suitable to bring to black tie events.
  6. One Fabulous Suit: Even if your job doesn’t require you to suit up, every girl should own a lightweight wool suit in black of grey. Even better, get a suit jacket that goes with both a pencil skirt and some trousers.
  7. The Little Black Dress: This article will take you from cocktails to first dates to holiday parties. For optimum versatility choose one that skims your knees.
  8. Dark Denim Jeans: You know the one’s I’m talking about – the one’s that make your butt look amazing. Semidressy, slim fitting jeans are an absolute must have, heck buy 3 pairs!

Mix and match the classic picks with the trendy list and you will be on your way to smart-shopping this fall. Set your budget and stick to it. All these silhouettes are available at various price points for your shopping pleasure. Good luck readers and be ever fabulous.

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