The End of What Not to Wear

There are numerous shows on television based on giving individuals a makeover, but none so well known as TLC’s What Not to Wear. The show which started in 2003 finished off its 10th and final season this past Fall, which meant saying goodbye to Stacy London, Clinton Kelly, Ted Gibson, and Carmindy Bowyer for good. Such a sad moment but hey at least we can watch some of the seasons on Netflix now right?!

Few shows entertained and taught us as much about style as What Not to Wear, a regular Friday night watch-a-thon for me growing up and I’m sure many can relate (it was in the same ball-park as Trading Spaces with Ty Pennington – such a classic :)).  What I loved most about the show was how regular people were transformed and reconnected to themselves and their bodies. Their external style was changed to reflect who they were on the inside, to help them become the best versions of themselves. People often use clothing as armour, to send messages like they don’t care, they aren’t comfortable with their bodies, they want to shrink into the background, etc. I get it and can relate.

stacy london

I recently got the book written by Stacy called the Truth About Style. This book is a fresh change from the typical style books teaching you how to mix high-and-low cost pieces together, dress for your body type, and how accessorize bland outfits. Stacy’s book takes a stab at uncovering the reasons people are dressing the way they do, what their story is and who they are. The book identifies “style symptoms” such as inappropriate clothing for size and age, uncovers the underlying cause of dressing this way, e.g. misguided attempt to be trendy not frumpy, frustrated by lack of available options and writes a prescription to address the style that’s not working for them. Stacy truely is the Doctor Phil of Style in this book.

Intrigued? I’d really recommend this book to anyone who sees 2014 as their year for a start-over. Things can change for you – you don’t need to stay in a rut.

Takeaway. Ask yourself why you are dressing the way you are. Has something changed in your life (good, bad or neutral) that has impacted how you dress? Are your clothes sharing the message you want to give to the world?

Remember you are beautiful. It’s time to play up your unique assets.  Be you and find your style this year. I’m ready to do the same.


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