Winter Blahs. Shows to Brighten Up Your Screen

With another snowy weekend here in Kitchener-Waterloo, many people may opt to stay home, curl up with a nice cup of tea (or coffee) and get to hibernating. Even with the end of January in sight, there is still plenty of winter to come, and you, dear readers, should prepare for those snowy days and evenings. So please, take my advice and check out these stylish shows to beat those winter blahs!

Gossip Girl: The Complete Series

Take a peek into the lives of the Manhattans Upper East-siders and get caught up in the scandals, love triangles, and of course gossip in this 6 season series! With a somewhat sizzling plot and characters, it is the fashion eye-candy that makes this show an absolute must watch this winter (styled by none other than Eric Damon). Love what you see? This website tells you exactly where to buy the clothes you’re coveting, per episode.


Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Series

Viewer beware! This show is highly addictive – I personally devoured the first season in a week! With a perfect mix of suspense, action, and drama, Pretty Little Liars is sure to keep you coming back to watch. Where is the mysterious A and what happened to her? While still focused on the teenage set, these girls dress with style (have you ever seen teens who dress like this every day?!)! Want the looks? Check out this site for all the details.


Drop Dead Diva: The Complete Series

A fashion-ized legal show focused on attorney Jane Bingum. Karma catches up to superficial, model Deb Dobkins, who after dying, returns to earth in the body of sassy, and smart Jane. Similar to legally blonde, this comedy brings with it a stampede of colourful characters to the courtroom.


Ugly Betty: The Complete Series

While not available on Netflix, this series is sure to please and is definitely worth a watch this winter season. Betty Suarez is a quirky and fashion-challenged journalist from Queens who lands a job at Mode, a high-fashion magazine based in Manhattan. If you loved the Devil Wears Prada and stories about underdogs, check out this 4 season series!


Lipstick Jungle: The Complete Series

Based on the book by Candice Bushnell (author of the brilliant Sex and the City series – also a fashionable watch!), Lipstick Jungle follows the steamy professional and personal lives of three friends living in New York City. With very few episodes, this show is an easy watch over a weekend. For more show with a similar plot, check out Cashmere Mafia which only aired for one season.


Mad Men: The Complete Series

This period drama, set in the 1960s is anything but short on eye-candy. With incredible clothing (inspiring a limited time clothing line at Banana Republic) and an intriguing plot, Mad Men focuses on the Sterling Cooper advertising agency in New York City. Inspired? Get some of these retro fashions for yourself.


These are just a few of TV’s most fashionable television series! Are you coveting a particular show? Share it here! I’m always looking for another dose of style to brighten up my screen.

Stay warm!



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