Prom Fashion is Their Passion… At least Until End of June!

Many of you have heard about the KW Princess Project and the amazing work they do helping girls in need attend prom by providing free formal wear and accessories. If not, check out my blog post on the organization.  I was lucky enough to spend my Sunday (previous) doing what I love most, watching a fashion show of course! Yes, I am a little behind on my posting!

I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Kelly Steiss, current leader of the KW Princess Project, whose passion for the cause is truly inspiring. With a mission like “because every young woman deserves to feel like a princess,” it’s hard not to get behind! The organization pulled off a spectacular event with the support of Gemini Models, Lisa Drew – 570 News, Paul Johnson – CHYM FM, Ms. Oktoberfest, and many others.

While I may be a bit too old to attend prom now, it doesn’t mean I didn’t love the sparkle and bling. What girl wouldn’t?!  With prom fashions from La Crème, Gloss, Valentina Bridal – who made a 50 dress donation to the cause, and KW Princess Project dresses, I was mesmerized. Check out these photos from the event.

Pretty amazing right? No need to fret dear readers, while I took those pictures with my phone, hence the awful quality, I have invested in my first dslr camera to take with me to future events. Prepare yourselves for some serious eye candy. 🙂

You may not be in the market for a prom dress yourself, but La Crème and Gloss have some sumptuous frocks that could be worn for other occasions…say to a wedding? To work? Or perhaps just around the house? Okay, do we really need an occasion to look fabulous? I think not!

If you know someone who needs a dress, be sure to invite them to attend one of the dress days May 5, 6 or 7. No appointment necessary! I’m hoping to be there, along with other style savvy ladies to ensure the girls will look and feel their best for prom. Here are the details:

2014-03-02 10.29.22

Looking to clean out your closet? Be sure to donate any gently used dresses, shoes, and accessories at one of the drop-off locations year round. I know I have a few items to give!

2014-03-02 10.29.05

Well lovelies, enjoy being you and lighting up those rooms. Be sure to sparkle everyday whether it’s prom or not! We all deserve to feel like a princess…even if it’s a grow up version. 🙂

Best wishes.


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