The Many Faces of Beauty.

Let me ask you. How often do you see a supermodel walking down the street in real-life? Or at least someone who could pass for a supermodel? Not very often right?! Yet these images of super thin, super tall, super glam ladies are everywhere. On billboards, on television, and in magazines. Yet these individuals make up such a small percentage of the population.  I mean isn’t 5’6” the average height of today’s woman? Not 6’1″? While it is not the height of a person that matters, my point is the images we see are difficult to relate to. There are so many faces of beauty, which is why this story is so incredible!

Meet Katie and Grace Driscoll. They are looking to change the way we see beauty and are having an impact!


Grace was born with Down Syndrome. To Katie, she was her perfect little daughter and didn’t want the world to feel sorry for her – she was incredibly proud of her little one. So Katie started taking pictures, which turned into blogging, and eventually a full on campaign called Changing the Face of Beauty which urges companies to include individuals with disabilities into their advertisements.

Since the campaign began in 2012, Katie and Grace have had numerous successes in getting their message out to the world. Katie spends her free time emailing companies to ask if they’d consider including individuals with disabilities in their advertisements. Many of the responses she receives back  mention this wasn’t even on their radar – showing the campaign is starting a conversation, putting new ideas into advertiser’s heads. Yahoo!

One such success came after Katie sent an email to actress Tori Spelling discussing her project. Tori decided to include Grace in the holiday look book for her children’s clothing line, Little Maven.  Katie was also in touch with British retailer Boden before their advertisement campaign featured a child with cerebral palsy.

A picture is worth a thousand words and Katie’s campaign is working – one photo at a time. By including positive images of persons with disabilities, perceptions can change. Individuals with disabilities are capable, beautiful, and valuable. They can and do make incredible contributions to their communities. So why the wrongful perception? This is what changing the Face of Beauty is looking to address. A more diverse picture of true beauty is the aim. We want more acceptance of differences. Inclusion is good for everyone.

Changing the Face of Beauty from SolidLine Media on Vimeo.

What do you think lovelies?

Be sure to check out the Changing the Face of Beauty website for amazing photos and to learn more about the campaign.

Also see this recent article by the Huffington Post for more details on how the campaign got started!



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