Love Vintage? Down with Love!

Down_with_LoveOver lunch, a colleague and I were discussing some of our favourite movies for fashion inspiration. You know, the movies and characters we would love to dress like. Of days gone by, but really are so now at time same time! Well we both agreed that we would LOVE a closet like Miss Barbara Novak (aka Nancy Brown) in Down With Love. Have you seen it? It is not often on people’s radars, but is a definite watch for those who for a passion for vintage fashion.

The movie beautifully portrays fashion from the 1960’s and, according to Wikipedia, was a tribute to the sex comedies of that decade such as Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back starring Doris Day, Rock Hudson and Tony Randall. Amazingly, none of the clothes in the movie were actually vintage! They were all custom made for each member of the cast! Now if only I could sew….costume designer sounds like a pretty good job!

Check out these photos from the movie:

I would love to flounce around town in these outfits. Particularly the pink coat! I would just die if I owned a coat like that!

And in case the clothes weren’t enough, here’s a picture of Barbara’s apartment in the movie. Lucky girl.


While Waterloo Region may not be the “top” place to find vintage clothes, you’re not out of luck! There’s a lovely vintage clothier in Elora called Sweet Trash that is worth a visit! How gorgeous is their salon?

Or check out Patina Vintage & Consignment shop and Meow Boutique in Uptown Waterloo.

So what other movies made our lust-worthy list? Try:

What about you? Any movies or characters you’d love to steal the closet from?


Photos courtesy of Blog Modernica and Sticky Egg


2 thoughts on “Love Vintage? Down with Love!

  1. Maybe not in the movies but television – I love Mad Men for vintage fashion inspiration. I wish that I lived in the day of crinolines and pin curls. 🙂

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