Got To Get Me Some Fluevog’s!

I love shoes. There, I’ve said it! And with so many talented people designing in Canada, were spoilt for choice when it comes to fab footwear. On a trip to Vancouver, notably one of Canada’s most stylish cities, I came across John Fluevog’s shoe emporium whose chosen slogan truly describes what was found in store “Unique Soles for Unique Souls!” I’m kicking myself for not purchasing a pair!

Have you heard of Fluevog’s?

Well here’s the story:

“John and his longtime friend and ex – partner, Peter Fox, go back to biblical times. In those days, such scriptural characters as Methuselah lived to be, quite literally, thousands of years old. John, himself, is thousands of years old and Peter Fox is, in fact, Methuselah. Before they founded Fox & Fluevog, in the ancient biblical age of 1970, they were shepherds. Actually, they worked at Sheppard’s, a venerable Vancouver shoe emporium, albeit a tad on the conventional side. As you can imagine, John and Peter felt a wee bit constrained, selling brogues all day to businessmen in suits and servicing only the occasional hipster. When, one day, the miraculous happened, it was followed by the inevitable: an old warehouse full of turn – of – the – century footwear (men’s & women’s, in mint condition, no less) became available to buy at one ridiculously low price.

In a nanosecond, John and Peter were out the door and into their own store, fully stocked with brand new fifty year old shoes that, in 1969, were right in style. Fox & Fluevog immediately became the very coolest place to treat the feet and has remained so ever since. Around 1980, Peter heard the siren song of New York City and moved there to open his own store, specializing in design of Ladies’ (particularly wedding) shoes. John took over the business and built it into the multinational mega corporation it is today, along the way forging his undaunted reputation for the world’s most distinctive shoes.”

Distinctive shoes is right! Fluevog’s are not only indestructible (according to comments) and worth the price tag, they are a little piece of art to decorate your tootsies…or feet as some may say. Since the first store opened in Vancouver, Fluevog’s have opened in other swanky cities including Calgary, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and other’s beyond Canada’ borders (more location information). A very creative individual, Fluevog designs all his own shoes but is also an avid supporter of his employees artistic talents offering a $10,000 Fluevog Artist Grant. Fluevog also supports Open Source Footwear (just like Open Source Software!), where up and coming designers can send in their ideas for shoes or a part of a shoe for a chance to be made into a real live shoe! Pretty cool huh? See this post on why the fashion industry is stylishly free.

Top words to describe Fluevog’s


While I am not that artistic, I do appreciate a quality shoe. Here are a couple of my favs.



So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay – Fluevog today!

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