Behind the Eco Frames

My recent visit to Insight Eye Care exposed me to a number of fab frame designers from around the world. To continue this journey, I decided to research a couple of the most eco-friendly brands they offer. With a focus on reduce, reuse and recycle, you can do good and look good by supporting these brands. Be sure to visit Insight if you’re interested. 🙂

Here’s a quick look at Drift, Vinylize and the Eco Eyewear Collection by Modo.


From the very beginning, Drift wanted to change the way optical frames looked and felt, by taking an honest and thoughtful approach to produce their frames. In their very first design, Drift used laminated maple temples, cut from a retired skateboard which solidified their company’s approach and commitment to recycle and reuse familiar materials in new ways. Each and every Drift design must meet a specific list of demands from sourcing sustainable hardwoods for their frames, to partnering with local non-profit organizations. Purchasing Drift eyewear is an investment in design that makes an impact. At its very foundation, Drift pairs new-school technology and old-school craftsmanship in its Chicago studio where all frames are made by hand, by real people. Here’s a company that’s keeping things local, making beautiful frames (in the USA), and trying to tell a story. Drift is innovative. Drift is creative. Drift is good design.


The Atticus, The Caufield


Each frame from Vinylize is a conversation piece. Based out of Budapest, Vinylize hand produces chic frames out of unwanted vinyl records. The company was founded by a man named Zachary who noticed his father’s dated record collection going unused in the corner of their garage. Inspiration struck, and a few years later, Vinylize glasses, made out of recycled records were in production at Tipton Eyeworks. The Vinylize team spent years developing and perfecting the methods necessary to transform one of the world’s longest lasting plastics into eyewear. If you have music in your heart, let the world see it on your face. Vinylize is the brand for you.

The Jackson, The Tadashi

The Eco Eyewear Collection by Modo

Alessandro Lanaro is the founder and CEO of Modo. Born in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Lanaro moved to New York City in 1990 and founded Modo. Lanaro commited himself to changing the eyewear industry by creating a product in a responsible and sustainable manner. As a result of this thinking, the Eco Eyewear Collection was born in 2008 which creates frames out of 95% recycled material and gives back with initiatives such as planting a tree for every product sold and creating an easy way for customers to donate unwanted frames to those in need. As a retailer, Lanaro believes in making sustainability attainable for all (as eyewear is necessary for the masses). That means, his focus is on creating a quality frame at an affordable price. A purchase from Eco Optics is supporting a social movement to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Check out this video on how they’re making a difference with their tree planting initiative!

Eco Optics – The Cameroon Story from Modo Eyewear on Vimeo.


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