Are You In the Know? Shop Smart!

It’s no secret, I love to shop. But there is a difference between being just a shopper and being a “smart” shopper, as I like to consider myself. You have to make the most of those store visits, and all it takes is a little planning. So here we go readers, some tried and true tricks to improve your shopping experience. Perfect timing as we have a LOULOU shopping event to prep for this Thursday! Yahoo.

As a cautionary note, make sure you understand the critical difference between a need and a want. We don’t want any trouble do we? When shopping, focus on meeting your needs first, then fulfill your wants. If you need a cute pair of boots for fall, don’t spend your time looking at the clearance summer sandals…unless you also need those. Simple enough. 🙂


Tip #1: Avoid weekend shopping (if possible). The shopping experience is much more pleasant when you don’t need to wait in line for a change room. Weekdays and weeknights are the best time to shop.

Tip #2: Shop early. You will get better parking, service, and sightlines to the merchandise.

Tip #3: Follow your favourite stores on their social media platforms. They often post special offers, discounts, or sales on their Facebook and Twitter pages – so check often.

Tip #4: Sign-up for e-mails. Stores will often reward you with a coupon. You can print it, or as I like to do, snap a photo to have on my smartphone.

Tip #5: Try it on. You may love the way something looks on the hanger, but it’s important to see how the garment works with your skin tone, colouring and body shape.

Tip #6: Plan your shopping attire well. If you are thinking of trying on several types of garments, plan this in advance. It’s much easier to try things on quickly if you’re wearing a top, bottoms and slip-on shoes.

While a short list, these tips will definitely get you on the right track for shopping success.

Any other tips readers?


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