New York, New York!

New York City is a world unto itself. There are amazing sights, interesting sounds, and a buzz that is completely contagious. It is a city where you can become anyone or anything you want to be.  New York is also one of the fashion capitals of the world, alongside London, Paris and Milan, hosting top fashion shows and high profile events. A place the fashion elite call home aka Betsey Johnson, Patricia Fields and Diane Von Furstenburg. New York City truly is a destination for style lovers, of all kinds. Quite the introduction huh?


I spent years dreaming of this city and finally had the chance to spend a whirlwind day and a half touring the sights. While it may have been my first visit, many of the landmarks looked vaguely familiar, likely from years spent watching Gossip Girl and Sex and the City (see this post on “stylish shows”). Can you relate? We did have the opportunity to walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset (add that to your bucket list), visit the flagship Macy’s store, stroll down fifth avenue, meander through Central Park, and join the chaos in Times Square. Did you know the Macy’s store in Herald Square was the largest department store in the world from 1924 until 2009? A visit there was quite the experience and even boasted original wooden escalators on the uppermost levels.


A short stroll from Times Square, in the heart of the garment district was the Fashion Walk of Fame, recognizing those stylish individuals who made New York a world-renowned fashion capital. It is the world’s only monument to American fashion and is comprised of a series of 28 decorative plaques along Fashion Avenue. Here a few of my personal favourites:

See the full collection here.

While my fashion pursuits were limited on this trip to New York, these activities top my list for the next visit:

New York City truly is a shopper’s paradise, offering everything from the flagship stores of the world’s top brands, to hidden gems and vintage stores. Well, until next time…back to dreaming about my New York minute.



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