Time for the Holidays! Why Not Dazzle?

Well readers, the countdown to Christmas and New Year’s is officially on. My how time flies! With a calendar that’s packed with a cornucopia of errands, shopping, parties, and other such social situations, you may be feeling a little run down. I can relate! With a variety of activities and events packed into such a short time period (…and often back-to-back), picking out a daily outfit takes some extra thought. You almost need to be prepared for any and all situations this time of year, like an impromptu get together after work, a little shopping, or even, let’s face it, an unexpected snow storm. Yes, I’ve taken to carrying around my Sorel boots in the car now…just in case! With all of this extra prep, you may be feeling a little less dazzling. But the holidays are a magical time of year, don’t lose your luster!

Here’s how to get the most out of your look this holiday season.

Add some sparkle with a shimmery top, skirt, or accessory.

Have you noticed your co-workers upping the glam in their daily outfits? I know I have! They, like you, need an outfit that can easily shift from day to evening. The holidays call for big, big shine, so have fun with your wardrobe. However, keep in mind the level of appropriateness for your office. It’s best to choose one sparkled piece, and neutralize the rest of the look with blacks, greys, or beige. This way your glitz becomes the focal piece.

A festive necklace always makes a statement.

Whether you wear them every day or only on special occasions, statement necklaces make an impression. Wear them with any garment, with any neckline to truly shine.

Jewel it up.

Black may be your go-to uniform throughout the year, but the holidays call for a bit of colour. Jewel tones add instant drama and strong visual appeal to your party looks. For the best results, mix your pop of colour with neutral accessories, and you, dear readers, will be the talk of your social scene.

Play with gold and silver…eye shadow that is.

Whether you glow in gold, or sparkle in silver, shimmery eye shadows are made for this time of year. Up your makeup look with a swipe of shadow, a bit of bronzer, and a touch of gloss for a natural look. For a day to evening transformation, add a coloured lip, extra eye liner, or a smoky shadow. With makeup, less is always more, so choose one feature to highlight.

A parka may just be your best accessory.

With the dual challenge of dressing fashionable and staying warm, it’s always best to choose comfort over style. We’re Canadian, and luckily a fitted parka or wool coat goes just as well with a party dress as a pair of jeans. If the dress code is formal, wear the snow boots, but bring a pair of heels to change into. Don’t fight the elements; just work your holiday wardrobe around it.

Is your social scene swamped? Any other tips to take your holiday look from work to play? Would love to hear your feedback!

I will be back in January with more fashion, so until the New Year, wishing you and your families the merriest of holidays.

Photo Sources: See Pinterest Page.


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