What to Pack for a Winter Getaway In the Snow.

Packing light is not my strong suit. If you’ve read my previous post on “how to pack for a vacation”, you know I like variety in my wardrobe, particularly when I travel. However, with snow season finally upon us, it may be time for a little getaway…to enjoy the slopes…call it a post-Christmas recovery trip. Of course you want to look gorgeous, but it is important not to cram too much into your suitcase. Save room for some of the shopping you do! The best trick? Lay everything out on your bed before packing, and only bring articles that you can wear at least twice.

Winter Getaway

Here’s my packing list for a chic, winter getaway:

  1. Long Wool Coat
  2. Faux Fur Vest
  3. Two Super Warm Sweaters in Black and Cream
  4. Deep V Cashmere Sweater
  5. Wool Pants
  6. Fabulous Jeans
  7. Bikini
  8. Bra, Undies
  9. Scarf, Hat, Gloves
  10. Medium Size Leather Tote
  11. Après Ski Snow Slippers
  12. Snow Suit ( I recommend wearing a black snow suit, with brightly coloured turtle necks to pop.)

Readers, share your fashion experiences using #kwfashion. We sure have style here in Waterloo Region!


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