The Relationship Between Designers, Celebrities and Trends.

For centuries we’ve been intrigued and influenced by the “who’s who” of society, taking our cues from the rich and fancy-free. Before there were television and movie stars, individuals emulated the looks worn by royalty and ladies of high society. Even in the early years of Vogue’s publication, it focused on telling its readers what was going on, who was going where, and who was wearing what. Fashion movements did not start from shows, but were publicized at prestigious French racecourses.

With shifting times and increased technology, how trends start and spread has changed. With the rise of the silver screen in the 1930’s, film began to sway fashion. Until that point, it was Paris that directed fashion movements. Film however was fashion in motion. Celebrities were captivating.

Today, both designers and celebrities play a role in directing future trends. Designers create collections based on certain themes, moods, and inspirations which are watched and worn by celebrities. With our increased interest in street styling, celebrities are now frequently photographed wearing designer duds when “off-duty”. Whether it be the latest Birkin Bag, a Prada gown, or a Cartier watch, celebrities make runway looks completely wearable. What trends celebrities choose to wear influences their popularity and our purchasing decisions. Celebrities help drive sales for fashion houses by increasing our awareness of their pieces.


Dakota Johnson and Julianne Moore at the Boss Woman Show – New York Fashion Week. Photo from PopSugar.

While it appears designers influence celebrities, who in turn influence us, the path is not always clear. Designers are not removed from the happenings in popular culture and sometimes take a muse, creating a collection inspired by their personal style or characteristics. Fashion houses will even gift key celebrities representative of their brand items to wear each season. Fashion is big business and while I love to celebrity watch as much as the next girl, it’s important to not get too carried away pursuing the latest trends.


Blake Lively at the Gabriela Cadena presentation – New York Fashion Week. Photo by PopSugar.

Fashion has always been cyclical to a certain degree. Major trends tend to come back into style at least every 15 to 20 years. While it is important to mix in one or two current pieces to keep your looks modern, your focus should be on finding a style that reflects you. As Yves Saint Laurent once said “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Spend your time curating a wardrobe with pieces you love, regardless of their current “cool” factor.

For photos from the Fall 2015 runway shows, visit


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