My Interview with Up-and-Coming Canadian Designer Melissa Ferreira, Adhesif Clothing

I love West Coast style, which is why I was so excited to connect with Vancouver-based designer Melissa Ferreira, the visionary behind Adhesif Clothing. Inspired by her years working as a vintage clothing buyer, Melissa creates gorgeous garments using high-quality reclaimed textiles, which are completely unique. Every piece is made with up to 95% sustainable materials and is locally produced in Vancouver. This green line is up-and-coming, fashion-forward, and completely wearable. Capturing the eye of local and national media alike, Adhesif Clothing has been featured in fashion magazines like FLARE and FASHION and on television with segments for the Knowledge Network, CBC, and CTV.


With such talent here in Canada, there’s nothing better than supporting our own designers, especially those that look to minimize environmental impact. While I wasn’t able to see the studio in person, Melissa and I sat down for a quick interview to talk vintage, style, and her new Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Read on:

Tell me about yourself. Interests? Passions? Hobbies?

I’m Portuguese Canadian. Needless to say I love wide-open spaces, long walks on the beach (joking, but not joking) and all things European. Art is my religion. My hobby turned into my career 10 years ago, and I’m also a pretty good chef. I own over 800 vinyl records and an extensive wardrobe of vintage excellence.


Born in Canada?

Born and raised in Montreal until moving to Vancouver in 1994.

How and when did Adhesif clothing get started?

Adhesif Clothing was established in 2003 after a Eureka moment when a first batch of redesign/upcycled sweaters got dropped off at the Vancouver boutique and pretty much all sold to 1 customer an hour later. That’s when I knew I could do this.


What is unique about Adhesif Clothing? Philosophy?

Everything about Adhesif Clothing is unique from start to finish. Every single garment is handmade using vintage fabric combinations and made with up to 95% reclaimed materials. Our philosophy is quality over quantity. Surround yourself with heart.

Why vintage?

Because there is still nothing in my life that beats the real deal. All current fashion trends are inspired by vintage fashions. Aside from quality and craftsmanship, you can’t deny the originality of the styles from yesteryear.


Do you make and/or design the clothes yourself?

Yes and yes, from start to finish. I am also solely responsible for hand sourcing all the materials on a weekly basis.

What type of girl do you have in mind when designing the clothes? Who is your target customer?

At first my designs were more intricate, loud and kind of punk. As my tastes have gotten more refined through the years, the cuts of my designs have become more minimal and polished, allowing the interesting fabric combinations to be the focal point. Now many of my clients are 30-60 year old working professionals.


Where do you find inspiration for your designs? The new Spring/Summer 2015 collection?

Aside from vintage fashion of the 1960’s & 1920’s, much of my inspiration comes from the street. When an individual is wearing an outfit in a different way with their own flare, that really gets me. The new Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Adhesif Clothing was inspired by the free spirit that comes out in all of us on the West Coast in the summer….the festival goer, the spirit of Woodstock.

Where can us Ontario girls buy your designs?

We have a great Etsy shop where we post new designs often. Currently we have 130 one-of-a-kind designs available and custom requests are welcomed. Adhesif Clothing is also carried at Distill gallery in Toronto.


Three words to describe the store.

Eclectic, whimsical, and original.

Inspiration for the name?

Fashion is the Adhesif to my changing moods and daily self-expression. Like putting on and taking off a daily persona.


What does style mean to you?

Often times it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. So strut.

Looking to revamp your spring wardrobe with unique looks that won’t break the bank? Be sure to check out Melissa’s Etsy store. My personal favourites are the Little Red Jacket ($168), Georgie Shift Dress ($130), and Drapey Tease Blouse ($98). You can also connect with Melisa through her blog, or on social media through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Happy shopping local lovelies!

Photos of the Spring/Summer 2015 Collection were taken by Jennifer Picard Photography.


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